I am intelligent, merciless and deviant. I am sadistic and always in full control. I will keep you weak, used and longing for more. I don't chase, search or invite. You come to ME on your knees. Beg for my attention. Prove your worth. I am not in need of your admiration, money or gifts. They are already owed to me - and now is your time to PAY.



I am a Dominatrix who specializes in total control. From financial domination and cuckolding to sissification and foot worship; from adult babies and slaves to weak subs and hopeless losers -- you will obey as I demand. I can bend, shape, and mold you into your wildest dreams and most terrifying nightmares. I am a place of safety for your most primal longings as well as the fears from which you run. I will protect you from the outside world while keeping you ensnared inside of my own dangerous trap. 


Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.